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Good news! In recent months, the Asheville TM Center has been contacted by local schoolsrecovery centers, hospitals, community health organizations and veteran's groups, all wishing to offer the TM technique to those they serve. More local health professionals are recommending TM and more community leaders are recognizing it’s effectiveness for stress reduction and well-being.

Successes: So many lives have been changed by the Asheville TM Center: kids with ADHD who found that the TM technique improves their focus, reduces their stress and allows them to thrive; veterans with PTSD who got their life back; people in recovery who, through their TM practice, are finding the inner strength to overcome. We're well on our way to achieving 1% of the local population meditating — 1% being the requisite number, according to the science, to create a "phase transition" to a heightened state of well-being for the whole population.

Giving everyone a chance: Part of every TM course fee helps someone learn who can’t afford to pay. Over 500,000 people at risk for traumatic stress have learned the TM technique for free in the past ten years — and thousands are waiting to learn, including people in our area. We try to cover teaching and operating costs through course fees, donations, and our personal resources, but with so many people receiving scholarships and reduced rates, there’s always a shortage of funds and a long waiting list.

The solution? You. If you give even $10 a month, your small gift will have the power of $1000 a month, because when we reach our goal there will be 100 of you (or more) giving $10 a month. Your tax-deductible gifts will make a life-changing difference for people in need and allow us to reach out to more people who need this uniquely effective practice.

What better way to spend $10 a month?

The most important community service is to reduce societal stress and promote greater harmony in collective consciousness. Nothing does that better than more people practicing this technique for transcending. The TM technique is known to powerfully enliven the underlying field of unity at the basis of life, reducing crime, improving government and raising the quality of life for everyone
(see the scientific research showing that 1% of a population practicing the TM technique generates a measurable effect on the whole population). Join us in creating an even more thriving TM center and greater peace and harmony in our community and in our world.

What you’ll get: As a member of “Asheville TM Friends” — supporters of the center’s scholarship fund — you’ll receive:

• The satisfaction of helping others reduce their stress and nourish their life from within.

•  Brief quarterly summary of local achievements — how many we’ve taught, testimonials of experiences, outreach projects, and news of organizations implementing the TM program.

• Special TM Friends celebratory events — in your honor!

• DVDs of brilliant, inspiring talks not available anywhere else.

•  If you pledge $30 or more per month, you'll receive a free t-shirt, designed by renowned local artist and meditator James Pitilli (pick your favorite color!).

How to give—an effortless, one-time set-up:

To donate automatically each month by credit card, please CLICK HERE for secure link. Then follow the simple steps, entering your amount and select "Asheville" as your TM Center.


To give by check: We'll send you a stamped, self-addressed envelop each month. Just email and let us know you're in.

Thank you for your kind support. 

We look forward to seeing you at the 20-minute group meditations (Sunday 4:30, Tues/Thurs 5 PM) and at the Sunday knowledge meetings (3:30-4:30). And thanks for your greatest contribution to peace: your own twice-daily TM practice.

Warm regards,
Tom and Jeanne Ball
Asheville TM Center

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