David Lynch comments on why there's a cost for Transcendental Meditation classes

Excerpt from
David Lynch, Film Director

Mr. Lynch, how would you respond to critics who argue that Transcendental Meditation should not cost money?

"That's another crazy thing. People will spend money on almost anything, but when it comes to meditation they say it's a scam. It's because they haven't yet had the experience or they don't see the change in one of their friends who's had this experience. Once they start seeing this transformation in other people, they realize that the tuition is nothing to spend for this life-transforming thing. The money they save from the doctors is going to be huge. You want a legitimate teacher of Transcendental Meditation and it's about 90 minutes a day, over four days, to learn the technique. The teachers, they need to live and have a place to stay and a car to drive. It's so well worth the money, there's nothing to talk about."

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