How the Transcendental Meditation technique improves brain function

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by Asheville TM instructor Jeanne Ball

As we go through life, our brain is always changing and adapting, say neuroscientists. During the first 18-20 years of life the brain is developing circuits that will form the basis of decision-making for a lifetime. Brain researchers have found that unhealthy lifestyles can inhibit normal brain development in adolescents and lead to impaired judgment and destructive behavior that carries over into adulthood.

Studies recently published in the neuroscience journal Cognitive Processing show that brain development can be enhanced -- not only during adolescence but at any age -- through the Transcendental Meditation technique, and that different meditation techniques have different effects on the brain.

When the different parts of the brain are better integrated through TM practice, they work together more harmoniously -- our brain is healthier. Research shows that world-class athletes have higher brain integration than controls...

WATCH VIDEO of brain researcher Fred Travis: How TM practice affects the brain—click here

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