Award winning painter describes her experience of Transcendental Meditation

From: meditationchannel | November 29, 2009  | 2,159 views
Mindy Weisel describes her experience of learning how to meditate with Transcendental Meditation.

I'm doing things creatively that I would have never ever imagined. I'm a painter and I work with paints and two years ago I visited this glass studio and I felt this moment of recognition and starting working with glass and just had a major exhibition of glass. I say I would have liked to have meditated all these years but I never realized it was something that you can be taught. I would go every year to a health spa and every year I would try. They would have, "Okay, this hour is going to be meditation" and I would go in and sit down and I'd go "Hmm, what am I supposed to do with myself?" and I would leave. You can learn how to meditate. You close your eyes and you have this deep, profound, meaningful rest and it is beautiful, easy, simple. You are in a state of being and to have this gift of being in the moment and then some how that lasts and it accumulates. I'm being more present in the creative process in the work itself also. Work doesn't have to be so hard. Work can come from a place of flowing, of openness, of responsiveness, of hearing, listening-- just being more aware. You don't have to fight so hard to get to that work.

It is really easy to learn how to meditate with Transcendental Meditation because it is such an effortless procedure. A certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation can teach someone in just a couple of hours.

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