From the Huffington Post:

Can Group Meditation Be the Cause of Plummeting Crime Rates?
by Jeanne Ball

"Every morning and evening in Fairfield, Iowa — seven days a week — 2000 volunteers from 50 countries and all races and religions come together for group Transcendental Meditation practice. 

Their endeavor, called the “Invincible America Assembly,” is based on the ancient tradition of maintaining large group meditations to neutralize negative societal trends. “In the vicinity of unified awareness, hostile tendencies disappear,” say the Yoga Sutras, compiled a couple of thousand years ago by the venerated sage Patanjali.

"Since the beginning of the Assembly, scientists have monitored crime rate and other social indicators, tracking possible correlations between the number of meditators and societal trends. Some people see the rising positive trends, such as the inexplicable drop in violent crime in the U.S., as evidence that the group meditations are working.

"Is the power of coherent, unified consciousness greater than we realize?"
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