I don't have to get into a guru or follow a teaching?

Absolutely not. Learning and practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique is way simpler than that. TM is a technique, not a belief system. It's sort of like learning to dive, when you just stand above the water, take the correct angle, and let go — nature (gravity) does the rest. When you learn the TM technique, you learn how to dive effortlessly into your deepest, inner Being, to experience the reservoir of unbounded happiness, creativity and intelligence that resides within everyone. This is the state of restful alertness identified by so many scientific research studies on the TM technique — the brain becomes more coherent and the body gains deep rest.

The founder of the TM program, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is regarded by many as a great teacher. But Maharishi did not play the role of "guru with followers." Rather, he offered a powerful knowledge and practice that helps anyone reduce stress and unfold their inner potential. The TM technique is a tool you can use and enjoy on your own — for the rest of your life.

The knowledge of how to use this tool — how the TM technique works and what it does — is not some teaching to be followed or believed in, but a set of simple, scientific principles that explain the process of transcending, principles verified through your own direct experience.

"I have no followers," Maharishi once remarked to a reporter who asked how many followers Maharishi had. "Everyone follows their own progress."

Who was Maharishi—what is his role in TM?

What if I'm not a "joiner?"

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