Myth #10: Transcendental Meditation is a moneymaking business

The TM program is offered through a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) educational organization, called Maharishi Foundation. All the money from TM course fees goes to support teaching activities and help fund TM training for at-risk populations — people who cannot afford to pay anything and can learn for free — including inner-city youth, veterans with PTSD, Native Americans on reservations, impoverished students in developing nations, and the homeless.

No individual or organization has ever made a lucrative profit from teaching the TM technique. There are no highly paid share holders, no kickbacks — only very modest salaries paid to organizational staff, much lower than the national average for administrative positions. As with all non-profits, the financial records are public access. The Foundation undergoes an independent yearly audit and its non-profit status has never been legally challenged.

The TM organization's only assets are teaching centers, schools, Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centers or properties under development for these purposes.*

For anyone wishing to learn the TM technique who cannot afford the full course fee, Maharishi Foundation offers payment plans, special reduced rates, grants, scholarships and other financial aid options. Due to the non-profit structure, anyone who wants to learn the TM technique should be able to learn.

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*Regarding the net worth of Maharishi Foundation, news and Internet sources have occasionally cited the figure of "$3.5 billion." Officials at Maharishi Foundation, if asked, can verify that this number exaggerates Maharishi Foundation's net worth many times over; it was never a credible or verified citation but seems to have been picked out of the air by some writer or blogger, and then others began to cite the erroneous amount without checking the facts.

Myth #10: The Transcendental Meditation organization is a moneymaking $3.5 billion empire.

Myth #11: When learning Transcendental Meditation you undergo a religious ceremony.

Myth #12: Transcendental Meditation is a form of Hinduism
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