So once I learn, I can’t teach the TM technique to others?

So once I learn, I can’t teach the TM technique to others?

The seven-step Transcendental Meditation course gives you all the knowledge you need to meditate effectively and enjoy the benefits, but the TM course doesn’t train you in the art and science of teaching the TM technique. If you’d like to experience the joy of being a TM teacher, you’re welcome to attend a TM Teacher Training Course. It is a great gift to be able to instruct a person in the systematic procedure of effortless transcending.

TM teacher Training is currently a 4-5 month, in-residence program. The course offers in-depth, advanced knowledge of meditation and higher states of consciousness, and provides the skills necessary to successfully instruct anyone in the TM technique. To learn more, please contact your local TM Center.

I heard that some mantras have meaning and can be religious — is this true of TM mantras?

What if I meditate using a mantra that has a meaning?

Some people say the TM mantras have roots in a religious tradition — is this true?

Why are the TM mantras kept private?

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