What if I'm not a "joiner?"

To learn the Transcendental Meditation technique and enjoy the benefits, you're not asked to join anything or accept new beliefs or change your lifestyle — beyond your own decision to add two, 20-minute periods of TM practice to your daily routine. You're learning a simple mental technique, not enlisting in some secret society...

People who consider themselves "non-joiners" usually pride themselves in independent, critical thinking and cherish their freedom of personal expression. Who doesn't? Clearer thinking and better discrimination, along with development of personality and heightened creativity, are some of the main benefits of TM practice. Besides protecting you from the restrictive, detrimental impact of stress, the technique allows you to unfold your full, inner potential and become more self-reliant  — outcomes supported by scientific research on self-actualization and development of personality. (Perceptual and Motor Skills 39: 1031–1034, 1974; Intelligence 29, 419-440; Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 6: 189–248, 1991)

What is "transcending?"

Who was Maharishi—what is his role in the TM program?

Will other practices give the same results?

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