Why are the TM mantras kept private?

It’s true that the TM mantras as well as the technique for using them have traditionally been kept private. This is to preserve the original effectiveness or purity of the Transcendental Meditation technique. If the mantras and the delicate procedure of how to use them were not carefully safeguarded, then proper instruction could not be guaranteed. The practice would be passed around loosely and consequently would naturally change over time; no one would know if they were practicing the authentic TM technique or some altered version. The technique’s purity would become diluted and its full effectiveness would soon be lost, as it was lost to society for generations before revived in this era by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The system of teaching the TM technique, established by Maharishi and in keeping with Vedic tradition, preserves the technique’s effectiveness by ensuring that the student receives the mantra correctly—in its pure form—and then is carefully instructed in how to use the mantra correctly.

This is why, when you learn the TM technique, you will be asked to keep your mantra to yourself, along with the procedure of how to meditate.

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