Transcendental Meditation For Business

Stress reduction and mindfulness for your business

According to numerous scientific research studies, when businesses offer employees the TM technique, job satisfaction and productivity improve markedly. The TM technique as a proven way to reduce workplace stress, increase creativity and boost performance.

"The Transcendental Meditation technique lowers blood pressure superior to all the other stress management techniques," says National Institutes of Health senior researcher Dr. Norman Rosenthal. "So, when somebody says I am going to get a stress management course, it's really important which one you choose."

"For anxiety, for problems with alcohol abuse, for anger management problems I saw people responding. I would refer them to the local TM center and they would respond. So, you have a healthier more intact group of workers. And, that is obviously going to translate into a more profitable business. In addition the different parts of the brain that begin to work more coherently with one another, begin to make a person more effective, more efficient and even more creative."

A proven way to reduce stress and increase employee productivity:

VIDEO: Cancer clinic uses TM technique to manage stress and enhance workplace performance:
The Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center in California is the one of the largest specialized clinics on the West Coast. Everyone who works there practices the TM technique. In this short video, the chief physician and his staff share the many ways in which TM practice transforms the workplace.

Going Beyond Green: The Tower Company
Employees of The Tower Company, a property management company in Bethesda, Maryland, speak on their experiences with the TM program in the workplace.


Marnie Abramson (Principal owner): My work environment is very hectic and there are always a million things going on at any given time. What I really need to do is to kind of come back to myself and quiet my mind a little bit so that I can focus. There's a pretty famous business phrase and it is, "work smarter not harder." I think that is really what Transcendental Meditation has done for me.

Rory Dechowitz (Comptroller): My health check-ups have never been better. I have a history in my family of high blood pressure and high cholesterol and other kinds of blood pressure things and they're just perfect now. My doctor can't believe how perfect they are.

Jime Lewis (Director of Property Management): Before it is seemed like there was never enough time to get everything done in one day. Now that I've been practicing Transcendental Meditation your mind is so clear when you're looking at a problem that the problem isn't that severe anymore and it's very easily solved and you move on to the next one.

Going Beyond Green: Longer Version

Part two:

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