Martin Scorsese, George Harrison, The Beatles, and Transcendental Meditation

From Huffington Post:

Martin Scorsese's George Harrison Documentary 
Previews In 'Meditation Town USA'


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"Martin Scorsese’s stunning new documentary, “George Harrison: Living in the Material World,” is set to air on HBO October 5-6. Among the locations selected for preview, Scorsese and Olivia Harrison chose a small Iowa town whose audience was comprised of 500 meditators. Why?

"The exclusive screening -- held Sunday evening in Fairfield, Iowa -- was a gift in support of the David Lynch Foundation’s initiatives to teach Transcendental Meditation to veterans, inner-city school kids, homeless people, prisoners, Native Americans, and other at-risk communities."

"Although Harrison was a spiritual eclectic, ever exploring various disciplines and traditions, one element that remained consistent for him over the years was the meditation technique he learned from Maharishi -- which he practiced throughout his life. "

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