Seinfeld: "I've been doing it for forty years." >>
The TM technique. Delightfully simple. An effortless, evidence-based, non-religious practice for stress reduction and heightened well-being. TM allows you to access your deepest inner reserves of calm, clarity and awareness—revitalizing mind and body. And it works for you whether you believe in it or not—right from the start. MORE ABOUT TM >>

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Can other practices give the same results?
Scientific studies have shown that the various meditation practices do not all yield the same effects as one another—or the same benefits as TM... MORE >>

What is transcending?
Ellen: "Can't say enough about TM" >>
TM is not watching your breath or trying to be mindful. It's for transcending: settling deeply inward, beyond the active mind, to the most peaceful, expanded state of awareness—where the mind is silent yet fully awake to its creative potential. In this natural state of restful alertness or pure consciousness, the body gains deep relaxation and the brain functions with greater coherence... MORE >>

• How is TM different from mindfulness meditation? >> 
• Why is it important to learn meditation from a certified teacher? >>

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Every TM course fee funds someone to learn who can't afford to pay. Over the past 10 years, 500,000 people at-risk for traumatic stress have learned the TM technique for free. MORE >>    

Introductory Video:  
Why TM when other forms of meditation are cheaper or free? >>
How is the TM technique different from other practices? >>
How to learn >> 

The Transcendental Meditation technique —  explained by quantum physicist John Hagelin and Dr. Norman Rosenthal, senior NIH researcher and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical School. Watch >>

Cameron Diaz on her TM practice
 Watch >>
"It's not something that you do that you go outside of yourself to obtain," says Diaz. "It's actually the deepest part of you that you've never had the tool of opening and accessing... People need to know that they have that heal themselves, to regenerate themselves, to restore themselves."

NBC Nightly News: How TM is transforming the San Francisco schools
Watch video >>
Can TM help students reduce stress and learn better? NBC Nightly News reports on several schools in San Francisco where over 1,800 students, faculty and administrators have learned the TM technique as part of the David Lynch Foundation's Quiet Time Program—with remarkable results. The report aired December 30, 2014.


American Heart Association: TM the only meditation recommended for hypertension

A 2013 report from the American Heart Association further confirms that the Transcendental Meditation technique lowers blood pressure, and recommends the TM technique for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Report from the AHA's journal Hypertension: "All other meditation techniques (including mindfulness) received a 'no benefit level of evidence.’ Thus, other meditation techniques are not recommended.” MORE >> 

VIDEO (5:26): The TM technique effectively alleviates even the most intense stress—traumatic stress. The technique is being offered free of charge on a large scale to students, inner city youth, veterans with PTSD, the homeless and Native Americans on reservations.  WATCH >>

Creativity, Performance, Stress Management
VIDEO (5:01): Arianna Huffington, Mario Batali, Mehmet Oz, Norman Rosenthal, Pamela Peeke, Ray Dalio & other leading experts in business and health discuss TM's effects on creativity, performance and stress management. WATCH >>

Maharishi explains the TM technique
VIDEO (2:00): This effortless technique was long lost to society—even in India—until introduced in 1955 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who trained 40,000 teachers and founded meditation centers, schools and universities worldwide. WATCH >>

But it's so hard to clear my mind of thoughts!
Ever try to meditate and find that your mind just doesn't want to settle down? How does one get to that most peaceful, rejuvenating state? MORE >>

Aren't all forms of meditation 'transcendental?'
Different forms of meditation engage the mind in different ways and produce different effectsand are not all designed for transcending... MORE >>
At the David Lynch Foundation's recent Change Begins Within Gala in New York, Jerry Seinfeld opened the event by sharing his experience with the TM technique. His short performance displays his skills not only as a world class comedian, but as a master communicator. Hilarious and insightful. WATCH >>

Quantum physicist John Hagelin explains the TM technique as a means to access the most fundamental field of order at the basis of nature's functioning—the unified field of natural law—which underlies not only the physical world but resides also deep within human consciousness. WATCH >>

Dr. Oz on Transcendental Meditation

VIDEO (4:21): Dr. Mehmet Oz describes the benefits of the TM technique for individuals or an entire business. He explains why he practices the technique twice-daily, and why he offered the program to his family and his employees. WATCH >>


The Asheville's TM Center's Women's Meditation Project offers classes especially for women—addressing women's needs and concerns. Our meetings, group meditations and "Ladies' Teas" give women the chance to make new friends, enjoy one another's company and facilitate their personal growth. WATCH >>


VIDEO: The TM technique for your business

Research studies show that when businesses offer employees the TM technique, job satisfaction and productivity improve markedly. National Institutes of Health senior researcher Norman Rosenthal discusses the TM technique as a proven way to reduce workplace stress, increase creativity and boost performance. WATCH >>


Leading art college offers students Transcendental Meditation to reduce stress and facilitate creativity

The College for Creative Studies, in Detroit, a recognized leader in art and design education, is offering its students the TM technique to fuel creativity and overcome stress. WATCH >>


The Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center, in California, is the one of the largest specialized clinics in the U.S. In this short video, the chief physician and his staff share the many ways in which TM practice has transformed the workplace, improved performance and contributed to work-life balance. WATCH >>

In Western culture, yoga has come to mean physical postures known as asana. In the tradition where yoga comes from, yoga is primarily about meditation. Not just any meditation—but a specific process known as transcending: 'union' of individual mind with the most expanded, fully awake state of human awareness. MORE >>

From Huffington Post: "The Key to Health and Happiness: A 'Lost' State of Consciousness?"

If we're hardwired to experience a natural, rejuvenating fourth state of consciousness, unlike waking, dreaming or sleep, what is the consequence of omitting this fourth state from daily life? What happens to our life when, through twice daily TM practice, we begin experiencing this rejuvenating fourth state twice a day?  MORE >>

Thousands of Buddhist monks in Asia learn Transcendental Meditation  
 More than 3,000 Buddhist monks in 100 monasteries, and hundreds of girls in a Buddhist girls' school, have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique. They have added the TM technique to their daily routine and practice it as an authentic, non-religious technique of "transcending." MORE >>       


VIDEO: Hosted by TM meditator Soledad O'Brian: Legendary hip-hop impresario and philanthropist Russell Simmons, along with Robert Roth of the David Lynch Foundation, discuss the TM program for veterans with post traumatic stress. MORE >>

Oprah's "Next Chapter"

Oprah Winfrey takes her camera crew to Fairfield, Iowa, home of Maharishi University and Maharishi School, to explore this "meditation-based" community. She talks about her practice of the TM technique and about introducing it to her entire company of 900 people. WATCH (5:16) >>


Diving within: my first experience
by Tom Ball

Millions of people worldwide have learned the TM technique—and they all learned it in the same, simple, systematic way. Still, it's a deeply personal practice, and one that's yours forever—no one can take it away. Here's an account of one meditator's personal experience of learning the TM technique here in Asheville. MORE >>

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