Timmy Abell: "Still amazed"

I learned the TM technique at the Asheville TM Center in 1974 and have been meditating every day since. It is as integral to my life as sleeping or being awake, and I am still amazed at the energy, clarity and freshness that I feel after each meditation.

I have spent 30 years touring the country as a performing artist, a supremely enjoyable but not the easiest of careers, and without the anchor of my meditation practice I don't believe I would still be so happy in my work.

I remember how immediate the benefits of TM were 35 years ago after my first week of practice, and the positive results have just kept accumulating over the years. I have come to realize in a very private way that the long-term benefits of meditation go so deep that they are literally inexpressible. Inner peacefulness and silence of mind—they're just words on a page until they actually begin to seep in and become real.

Timmy Abell, songwriter, musician, and storyteller, Asheville

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