Monique Pinelli: "Joy is a natural state"

"As a homeschooling mom of two teenage boys and as a marriage partner for 20 years, practicing TM allows me to enter the stillness where I feel the hand that holds me and the hand that generously gives to others. I am finding more joy and gratitude within my closest relationships because of the deep joy I experience while meditating. The ease and comfort I feel while meditating shows me that joy is a very natural state.

"Last summer, my husband surprised me when he announced that he decided to take himself and our two sons in for TM training! Since their TM course, I have noticed big differences in health and well-being among the three of them. Their new meditation experiences have renewed my own TM practice.

"As a professional violinist with my own private teaching studio, the calmness and re-energizing lift that I gain from TM enables me to experience music to the fullest with others. I find the discipline of practice on my instrument and the daily practice of TM compliment each other. The more I practice my scales and arpeggios, the more I am able to enjoy the music. And the disciplined practice of TM benefits me with anything that I do.

"During periods of high stress...I know there is a peaceful place inside me that I can take wherever I go and whatever I do. Twice a day I’m experientially reminded of who I really am and what I’m really doing here. Layer after layer, I’m learning that happiness and well-being do not come from without; rather, contentment comes from within and radiates outward.

"Often when I meditate I have the sense that I’m tangibly contributing to a more peaceful world, because after my meditations, peace is what I feel, look for, and what I naturally entrain with. I don’t mean life is perfect since I’ve been meditating - just more peaceful."

Monique Pinelli, classical musician, teacher, mother, Asheville

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