But it's so hard to clear my mind of thoughts!

You don't have to clear your mind of thoughts to successfully practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. There's no mind control involved, no concentrating against thoughts or anything else. The TM technique is a different kind of practice all together. It's simple, effortless, and totally natural.

It's not just sitting and watching your thoughts, either. Nor is it a process of contemplation or trying to gain insight. You simply practice the technique as instructed and it pretty much just goes along by itself, allowing the mind to automatically settle inward to quieter and quieter levels, until you transcend (or go beyond) even the faintest impulses of the thinking process and arrive at the deepest, innermost field of your own awareness — a peaceful, expansive state of restful alertness or pure consciousness. This natural state of profound rest dissolves deep-rooted stresses and rejuvenates mind and body.

But it's during your daily activity that you really enjoy the benefits of TM practice. You become more aware in life and less affected by stress — everyday growing in comprehension, clarity and inner happiness — unfolding deeper values of your potential as a human being. 

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