Why is it important to learn meditation from a certified teacher?

Kulreet Chaudhary, MD: "TM is unique among forms of meditation. It’s natural and effortless but requires personal instruction to learn. Imagine trying to learn a natural golf stroke from a book. Or to play a musical instrument—how helpful it is to have a good teacher. The teacher is needed to show you proper technique, so you can grow in confidence that you’re proceeding correctly. Learning TM is a lot easier than mastering the piano or getting a good, natural golf swing, but involves the same kind of personal guidance." 

Dr. Chaudhary is Director of Neurology & Physician of Integrative Medicine, Scripts Memorial Hospital

The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught only in-person by professionally trained teachers, certified by the non-profit Maharishi Foundation. To ensure that each student receives the practice in its original effectiveness, these certified instructors uphold the tested and proven system of teaching developed by the the TM program's founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In its “original effectiveness” means: nothing tampered with, nothing changed, taught in accordance with the systematic teaching procedures of the ancient tradition of meditation from which the technique is derived—the Vedic tradition. Over fifty years of teaching the TM technique has demonstrated that this system of teaching guarantees maximum benefit for everyone who learns.

Through misunderstanding and disuse, this technique of effortless transcending had been long lost to society—even in India, the land of its origin—before Maharishi introduced it in 1955. To maintain the technique's authenticity and help ensure that it doesn't get lost again, it is taught in the the same standardized yet personalized way by professionally trained certified TM instructors worldwide. 

When you learn the Transcendental Meditation technique from a certified TM teacher, you can benefit from the ongoing guidance, personal support, group meditations, weekend retreats and continuing knowledge programs available through every TM Center. Certified TM teachers have access to all the educational resources that Maharishi made available for this purpose through his non-profit teaching organization. Meditators commonly find this optional support system to be invaluable—offered for the rest of your life at no charge after you have learned the TM technique. 

What is "certification?"
As with many professions that involve rigorous training and development of specific skills, TM teachers, after being qualified as instructors by attending TM Teacher Training, are asked to attend periodic teacher workshops and refresher courses to maintain their professional certification. Many TM teachers attended their teacher training courses 30 or 40 years ago; the re-certification ensures that all of the precise procedures of teaching are being followed properly and that the teacher has the latest knowledge and resources to best serve everyone who learns the TM technique.

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