Follow-up and Support:

For everyone who has learned the Transcendental Meditation technique (any place, any time), continuing support and follow-up is available free of charge.

If you have not yet been instructed in the TM technique by a certified teacher, your first step is an Introductory Lecture. Learn more >>

Checking of meditation: This simple, step-by-step process establishes correct, effortless meditation and refreshes you in the basic instructions of how to practice the TM technique. To get the most out of meditation, occasional or routine checking is important for all meditators. If you have been irregular in daily practice, have not meditated in a while, or are not sure if you are practicing correctly, checking is highly recommended. For a personal appointment, call 828-254-4350 or email us.

Knowledge Meetings and Group Meditations: Held every Sunday at 3:30 PM*, Asheville TM Center (directions). Open to everyone who has learned the TM technique. For maximum benefit from meditation, it is vital that one's intellectual understanding grows as experience in meditation deepens overtime. Meditators find that practice becomes even more effortless, enjoyable and effective with attendance of follow-up meetings. It is also commonly reported that meditation is often more expansive and profound when practiced with a group.

TM Refresher Course:
This course provides an opportunity to fully refresh your understanding and experience of the TM technique. The course consists of a comprehensive review of your original TM course, including:

• How to meditate correctly
• A deep understanding of the principles behind the many different experiences you have during the practice
• Questions and answers on your personal experiences
• Group checking of meditation

There is no charge for this course—it is offered to all TM practitioners as part of their ongoing lifetime follow-up program.

To find out about the next Refresher Course and to register, email or call us at (828) 254-4350. 

*Schedules subject to change—please call to verify.

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