WELCOME to the Transcendental Meditation program of Asheville. The TM technique has been offered in WNC since 1971. 

FREE INTRODUCTORY LECTURES are held weekly. For a schedule of upcoming courses, please contact us.

Need help with TM course tuition? Ask about scholarships and other options. Due to the non-profit structure, anyone who wants can learn.  

Next Introductory Lecture: Sunday, April 3, 2 PM, Asheville TM Center

Personal appointments: Learn how the TM program can benefit you or your business or organization. Request a free personal consultation with a teacher at a convenient time and place.  

VIDEO: The Transcendental Meditation technique —  explained by quantum physicist John Hagelin and Dr. Norman Rosenthal, medical school professor at Georgetown University.

What is transcending?
Transcending is the process of the mind settling inward, beyond thinking, to experience the deepest, peaceful, inmost level of awareness — where the mind is awake in its state of maximum comprehension... MORE

Are all forms of meditation the same?
Scientific research has shown that meditation techniques do not all have the same effects — the various practices engage the mind in different ways and naturally produce different results... MORE
Videos: Why I Meditate

Transcendental Meditation Benefit — Russell Brand, Katy Perry, Clint Eastwood, David Lynch, Dr. Oz and more

VIDEO: Watch the highlights of an amazing, mind-blowing, inspiring evening at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, where David Lynch recently hosted meditating celebrities, scientists and philanthropists for the annual "Change Begins Within" benefit event — to provide TM instruction to 10,000 veterans with PTSD. MORE

Quantum Physicist John Hagelin: A Scientific Introduction to the Transcendental Meditation program

Quantum physicist John Hagelin explains the TM technique as a means to access the most fundamental field of order at the basis of nature's functioning — the unified field of natural law — which underlies not only the physical world, but resides also deep within human consciousness. MORE

Dr. Oz Endorses Transcendental Meditation for Reducing Stress and Promoting Heart Health

Dr. Mehmet Oz speaks about the Transcendental Meditation program's health benefits: "This meditation can help a lot of people. It is important to understand exactly how it effects stress—which of course impacts our physiology—and in particular how TM reduces stress and stress-related disorders." WATCH

New: The Flow of Consciousness: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Language and Literature

Over the years, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi recorded many brilliant, inspiring lectures on the literary process, critical theory and technique — emphasizing the importance of developing higher consciousness for both reader and writer. This is a collection of several of those lectures recorded between 1971 and 1976. Immersing oneself in the transcripts of Maharishi's talks allows readers to feel his presence, to hear his voice, his rhythms of speech, his humor, and to appreciate his skill as a teacher.  MORE

Diving Within: My First Experience
by Tom McKinley Ball

Millions of people worldwide have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique — and they all learned it in the same, simple, systematic way. Still, it's a deeply personal practice, and one that's yours forever — no one can take it away. Here's an account of one meditator's personal experience of learning the TM technique here in Asheville. MORE

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