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Non-profit: Part of every TM course fee funds someone to learn who cannot afford to pay. The TM technique has been taught free of charge to over 1 million people over the past 10-15 years—including veterans with PTSD, survivors of domestic violence, Native Americans, inner city youth, the homeless, prison inmates and many others at risk from traumatic stress.

The TM program is offered through Maharishi Foundation USA, a non-profit educational organization. As a non-profit, the TM course fee supports our educational and charitable initiatives. (To learn more about Maharishi Foundation, please see the "About Us" page.)

The TM Course: Learning the Transcendental Meditation technique involves personalized, one-on-one instruction and a series of classes with a certified teacher. The TM technique cannot be properly learned from a book, online or DVD. 

After you complete the TM course, there's ongoing, lifelong guidance and support as needed at no further cost. But most important, you'll have the technique to practice on your own and benefit from every day of your life.

Payments plans, scholarships, work-study:
Because of the non-profit nature of the TM program, everyone who wishes to learn should be able to. Payment plans and work-study options are available. Those who need assistance in covering their course are invited to apply for an Asheville TM Scholarship. For more information about payment options, please email us or, in the Western North Carolina or Upstate South Carolina regions, phone 828-254-4350. (Other areas: 888-Learn-TM)

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If assistance is needed, please 
apply through the local TM Center

Is it worth it, paying for a meditation course? 
To learn authentic, effective meditation that you can benefit from and enjoy everyday for the rest of your life—that only gets better with time—is it worth the cost?

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Of course, that's a personal decision. But here are a couple of points you might consider.

Scientific research has shown that this particular meditation practice leads to a significant reduction in money spent on one's healthcare, for both mental and physical health—resulting from decreased doctor visits, decreased hospitalization and fewer incidents of disease. A study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion found that those practicing the TM technique benefited from a 28% decrease in annual medical costs in just five years. 

A long-term study funded by the National Institutes of Health found that TM practice leads to 48% reduction in heart attack and stroke among hypertensive patients. No other form of meditation has ever been found to produce such effects.

So the TM technique more than pays for itself in reduced healthcare expenses alone—not to mention the real value added: avoidance of stress and suffering and a more joyful and productive life.

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Why pay for TM classes when other meditations cost less?

Will other practices give the same results?

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