The TM technique is not contemplation, focusing on your breath or trying to be mindful—it's a completely different process with far-reaching benefits. During TM practice you effortlessly transcend thought to experience restful alertness or pure consciousness, the source of thought— revitalizing mind, body and spirit.

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WATCH: The mechanics of meditation
This effortless meditation technique was long lost to society—even in India—until introduced in 1955 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who trained 40,000 teachers and founded meditation centers, schools and universities worldwide. 

What is TM?


The Transcendental Meditation technique —  explained by quantum physicist John Hagelin and Dr. Norman Rosenthal, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical School.
Ever try to meditate and find that your mind just doesn't want to settle down? How does one get to that peaceful, rejuvenating state? MORE

Transcending is the process of the mind settling inward, beyond thinking, to the deepest level of human awareness—where the mind is silent yet wide awake to its full potentiality. In this state the body gains deep rest and the brain functions with greater coherence... MORE

Aren't all forms of meditation 'transcendental?'
Different forms of meditation engage the mind in different ways and have their own goals—they produce different effects and are not all designed for transcending... MORE

Healing Traumatic Stress

VIDEO: Since 2005 the David Lynch Foundation has shared Transcendental Meditation with our most stressed populations. Veteran: "A year ago this month I was suicidal. I was so low that I just wanted to not be here.... TM saved my life." MORE

VIDEO: Watch the highlights of an amazing, mind-blowing, inspiring evening at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, where David Lynch joined with meditating celebrities, scientists and philanthropists for the annual "Change Begins Within" benefit event — to provide TM instruction to 10,000 veterans with PTSD. MORE

Dr. Oz on Transcendental Meditation

Dr. Mehmet Oz speaks about the Transcendental Meditation program's health benefits: "This meditation can help a lot of people. It is important to understand exactly how it effects stress—which of course impacts our physiology—and in particular how TM reduces stress and stress-related disorders." WATCH

From the Huffington Post: Staying Centered in Stressful Times—How Meditation Can Help
Meditation is not a luxury. The deeper we go within, the greater is the physiological rest to the body and the more we harness our inner energies. This happens effortlessly during TM practice and creates the presence of mind to turn difficult times into something better. Huffington Post writer Jeanne Ball explains... MORE

The True Nature of Yoga: Stretching the Boundaries of Consciousness

In Western culture, yoga has come to mean physical postures known as asana. In the tradition where yoga comes from, yoga is primarily about meditation. Not just any meditation—but a specific meditative process known as transcending: 'union' of one's individual mind with the most expanded, fully awake state of human awareness. MORE
Quantum Physicist John Hagelin: A Scientific Introduction to the TM technique

Quantum physicist John Hagelin explains the TM technique as a means to access the most fundamental field of order at the basis of nature's functioning—the unified field of natural law—which underlies not only the physical world, but resides also deep within human consciousness. MORE

Huffington Post: The Key to Health and Happiness: A 'Lost' State of Consciousness?

If we're hardwired to experience a natural, rejuvenating fourth state of consciousness (unlike waking, dreaming or sleep), what is the consequence of omitting this fourth state from daily life? MORE
Diving Within: My First Experience
by Tom Ball

Millions of people worldwide have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique—and they all learned it in the same, simple, systematic way. Still, it's a deeply personal practice, and one that's yours forever—no one can take it away. Here's an account of one meditator's personal experience of learning the TM technique here in Asheville. MORE

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